You Can Help Yourself

    Self help has become a mantra for those willing to initiate change in themselves. Those engaged in a program, either individually or in a support group, have made a decision to take charge. They choose to address their own emotional, financial, or relationship issues that are causing pain, discomfort, or unhappiness, to make the necessary changes in their lives.

    People have long been stymied by forces within their lives that cause pain, immobility, and anxiety resulting in the inability to effectively pursue their lives and move forward. Sometimes it is caused by grief from the death of someone close, or depression from carrying unwanted pounds, or addiction, such as gambling or drinking. Sometimes there is no clear cause, only the desire for something better, for improvement. Whatever the issue that is weighing an individual down, they desire to transform themselves to a state of mind bereft of anxiety and pain. Some are willing to take the situation in hand and make their own solution.

    Many books have been written on the subject of self help, but not all of these books are actually helpful. Most writers posit the same solution regardless of the specifics: follow a series of required steps and the final step is positive thinking. Positive thinking will allow release from those binding doldrums of negativity.

    Support groups have formed, providing assistance to those struggling within themselves, you may check Self improvement groups are free of charge and provide an arm to lean on or a shoulder to cry on. Some groups are anonymous. Not all people can accept sharing their emotionally trying issues and neuroses with others. For those who cannot, the anonymous phone help line or online support may better meet their needs.

    In a high pressure society people are affected by their environment and those around them. Some folks become neurotic, others simply sail by without a care in the world. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, but not all of us are willing to visit a psycho-therapist, a debt counselor or even a 12-step program. Many prefer a solution they can work out on their own terms. With persistence and commitment self help offers success for many people. Setting realistic goals can often help, as well as keeping clear of negative influences.
    Self improvement is highly individualized, and rarely is there a one size fits all solution. It is up to the one seeking help to find out what works best.